About History of Dig Enterprises LLC Dig Enterprises LLC started in 2002 in the production of a popular New Orleans radio show Dig In with Chef Duke and the Rock. The show was so popular that television show deals were pouring in for the popular star of the show Chef Duke. After several television contracts were negotiated and de-railed because of outrageous demands of the production companies, Chef Duke and co-host  of the show, Rock LoCicero, an accomplished business man and musician, were disillusioned with just about every video production company they’ve come in contact with.  By the summer of 2005 the final TV deal again had fallen through which set off Rocky’s plan to pursue the DIY route. Rocky believed that the technology had come far enough to allow his expertise in mastering software to take on the production himself. Rocky took his own money and purchased some top notch camera equipment and editing software. The parent company of the radio show “Dig Enterprises LLC” had the dollars to invest in airtime while Rocky became familair with video shooting and the editing world in order to make the TV show a reality.  By August 1, 2005 all the peices were in place and shooting began the first week of that month. Two weeks later Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and New Orleans was devestated. All plans were put on hold while the city and everyone in it put their lives back together. Using the equipment at his disposal Rock began creating music videos for fellow musicians and commercials for local restaurants that needed to get their business up.  His first music video was for a friend Craig Cortello who had just written a fantastic song about New Orleans called “New Orleans is the One”. Many other projects started to come his way following the music video’s debut. It wasn’t until 2008 that filming resumed on the Dig In TV Show and financing was back in place for the airtime for Dig In with Chef Duke and Rock. The first episode aired March 2009 on Cox Cable Television primarily in the South Louisiana viewing area. The show aired in from March 2009 and ran until March 2010 when Rocky made the permanent move to Nashville TN. Rocky still has his New Orleans customers but now he’s looking to get his feet wet helping the Nashville business community and its vibrant music scene. “Being a musician and an artist I can lend a vast degree of creativity to each project. More importantly being in the business world for decades I know how to deliver a product promply and professionally.”   Rocky  - Dig Enterprises LLC Dig Enterprises LLC 2012