Let us take your business to a higher level. Anything you can dream up we’ll be happy to put our creative minds to the task of making it happen. The sky is the limit when you use your imagination and now there’s nothing stopping your business or creative dream from taking off.   DIG Enterprises LLC moves it’s operations to Nashville, TN. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve moved our operations to Nashville, TN permanantly. While we’ll still retain our business in the New Orleans metro area we are now looking to expand our clientelle in Nashville. This will give many the opportunity to try DIG’s services on free. Yes. You heard that right we’re going to give away our services to the first 5 businesses that are serious about using us for their media needs. No obligation, no binding contracts... just give us a chance to service you and if you like it we’re confident that youl’ll come back for more or at least tell a friend about us. We’re trying to break into this market and this is the perfect way for us to get our feet wet in Nashville.  Dig Enterprises LLC 2012 News